Ottimo grounds maintenance for all forms of grass areas, shrubbery and hard standing. Whether you invest in immaculately presented lawns to attract millions of visitors or have an industrial estate where maintenance is a necessary expense to the business, Ottimo provide ‘fit for purpose’ solutions.

Our experience and expertise enable us to develop maintenance routines to suit individual needs. Our size and national coverage bring economies of scale with consequent savings. You can be confident in our ability to deliver. We provide maintenance schedules, documentary evidence of visits and inspections together with ‘Key Performance Indicator Reports’ that track our performance.

We are committed to looking after your external environment. We act as your eyes and ears, identifying areas that put your customers and staff at risk, i.e., loose paving, dangerous trees and hidden street lights. Our digital dilapidation reports help you make informed decisions. They put a value on keeping your estate in good order.

Our range of services:

  • Planted areas: shrub, rose, herbaceous, perennial, alpine
  • Seasonal bedding and hanging baskets: display design, installation, ongoing maintenance
  • Hedges: formal, informal
  • Weed control: weed spraying, invasive species
  • Sports pitches: line marking, maintenance, construction, re-instatement, artificial surfaces
  • Biodiversity management: conservation, wildflower meadows
  • Tree works and surveys
  • Water features: formal, informal
  • Street scene: asset cleaning, road sweeping, litter and dog-waste collection, graffiti removal, fly-tipping removal, recycling services
  • Soft and hard landscaping


Ottimo installs all forms of decorative and security fencing, protective barriers and gates.
Our fencing range is diverse: tennis court surrounds, internal protective fencing to underground car parks, automated gates and security palisade, through to roll top decorative fencing, acoustic barriers to petrol filling stations and protective netting supports to car parks.

We undertake site surveys, removal of old components and installation of new components in accordance with requirements.

Tree Works

The land owner has a ‘Duty of Care’ to maintain trees in a safe condition, irrespective of where they are located or proximity to the general public. Ottimo can help.

We work closely with the local authorities, checking for Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) and conservation area status. We also meet the local Tree Officers on site to establish permitted scope of work. All of which helps keep you within the Law.

Tree Inspections

We undertake ground based and tree climbing visual surveys and inspections together with PICUS testing to identify hidden rot and decay.


We provide detailed site layout and tree plotting surveys so you know where your trees are. They can also be clearly identified by means of tagging. Our ‘Tree Condition Report’ identifies problem trees and helps target cost according to priority and planned maintenance programmes.


Having identified problems, we are able to provide competitively priced surgery using our.

Waste Removal

We provide a reactive service to our Planned Preventative Maintenance Clients.
Typical clean ups include discarded pallets, gas canisters, general household rubbish, broken furniture, old tyres, batteries and even piles of rubble. An assessment is made to determine the access, volume and it there is any contamination or reinstatement needed. On agreement, the area is cleared up and taken for recycling where possible. Waste transfer notes provide a full audit trail.

Removal of graffiti from property walls

Graffiti removal is part of our ‘one stop shop’ solution for managing our clients’ external environment. Whether it is public facing walls or out of sight fire exit doors, we provide a rapid response. Specialist chemical application and washing can be very effective depending on the paint used. Graffiti soon attracts many other would be artists if left untreated. Of course, if it was a ‘Banksy’ you might be thinking of removing the wall!

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